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Helping you care for loved ones who have passed.
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Grave Groomers is dedicated to cleaning and restoring your loved ones headstone or monument.
We understand how important it is to keep your loved ones memories alive, and cleaning the stone is a part of the process. The cost of cleaning is minimal compared to the cost of replacing a headstone or monument, so don’t let your loved ones memory fade with time.
Most cemeteries do a great job maintaining the grounds but the individual site is usually the responsibility of a family member.
Gravestones collect tree sap, calcium, various other minerals from hard water, bird droppings, etc, taking away from the stone’s original beauty. We carefully remove deposits on the stone or monument with environmentally safe products, and finish with a quality polish to help protect against the elements. All products we use are made for stone maintenance, repair and care. Our techniques are the best in the business and we do not compromise. Quality work is our specialty.